May 29, 2023

Shopping for headphones on Prime Day? Here are 9 of the best earbuds on Amazon.

The best-reviewed wired, wireless, and wire-free earbuds options, all in one place.

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Sure, they’re small, but that doesn’t mean earbuds are a purchase to be taken lightly.

You’ve probably been listening to music on the go for most of your life. So you know that finding a good pair of earbuds is actually pretty tricky. (I’ve gone through more in my lifetime than I can count.) 

And while picking up a $5 pair in the checkout line is easy enough, you know you’ll just be back again next month (or sooner) for a new pair because they stopped working.

Does that mean all earbuds are crap? No. It’s simply not true that bass, noise cancellation, and crisp sound can only be found in fancy over-ear headphones. Some of us prefer our headphones to be a little more inconspicuous and portable.

Since it’s always good to get a personal recommendation, we did some research and pulled out the best earbuds on Amazon, based on actual customer reviews. We looked at which products have the most reviews and highest star ratings to compile this list, which features the earbuds that the greatest numbers of people have been happiest with.

We’ve also split them into categories: The ones you’ll need a headphone jack or the beloved dongle for, the wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are still connected with a cord, and the truly wireless earbuds that are as discreet as you can get. 

Whatever your preference and whatever your price range, you’re sure to find some that don’t suck. Scroll through to see our top picks.

Ergo-fit bud that conforms to your ear • Noise cancellation is better than expected at this price
Probably doesn’t have the same sound quality as higher-end options • No remote controls on the cord
If you lose your earbuds a lot, or are just on a budget, these are highly-rated.
You shouldn’t pick a pair of earbuds simply because of an attractive low price, but that’s not to say that quality earbuds can’t be 10 bucks. The Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Stereo Earphones have a super comfy ergo-fit bud that’s said to conform to the shape of your ear. If you’re not looking for over-the-top sound features and just need a pair to get the job done, these are for you — though some customers also mention that their noise cancellation and bass clarity is pretty impressive for such a low price.

Made from genuine wood • Take phone calls • Highly-rated sound quality
Not a lot of bad things to say!
Many reviewers express surprise that these stylish buds have such great sound quality at such a low price.
This pair gives off total “I smoke cigars and sit by the fireplace in a robe” vibes. The Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wooden Headphones are just as functional as they are classy, handcrafted from genuine wood that offers up insane natural acoustics. Deep bass and clear sound is also present, with multiple earbud sizes to seal out background nose. The colorful cord features buttons for volume control, voice commands, and phone calls. Basically, they’re fancy AF and totally don’t look like they’re under 25 bucks — but they are.

Great bass and balance • Highly-rated fit
Not a lot of bad things to say!
If you’re looking for great sound quality at an affordable price, these could be it.
At a slightly higher price point (but still a steal considering what they can do), the Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset are ace. Interior neodymium magnets give them powerful, equal sound in each ear, and 12-millimeter dome driver units (the metallic things on the earpiece) deliver bass that is truly extra. Bass that bumpin’ is honestly pretty hard to find in earbuds under $100, so if the audiophile in you cares about that, these are your pick.

Good bass and clarity • Comfortable fit • Good customer service
Some reviewers reported the control remote coming apart • Not very loud • Not the most durable
These might not last a lifetime, but they provide good quality and customer service will send a replacement pair if yours breaks.
These Bose SoundSport earbuds give you the freedom and mobility of wireless earbuds with the convenience and control of a remote. The cord attaching the two buds features a panel for play/pause, volume, and track skipping.
You can wear these while you work out and you won’t have to worry about losing one of the earbuds if it falls out (which it probably won’t because these earbuds feature customizable tips and ear hooks), and these are sweat- and weather-resistant. You get six hours of listening per charge.

Sweatproof • Ear hook for extra security • Eight hours of listening on a charge
Some reviews said they stopped working, but got free replacements
If you’re willing to bet that your pair won’t stop working after a few months, these could be an excellent deal.
Hey gym addicts: The Otium Wireless Sport Headphones just might be the workout headphones you’ve been waiting for. Sweatproof and equipped with a comfortable ear hook to ensure security, these little guys are perfect for vigorous workouts, running, biking, or anything in-between. The sound quality is also superb — their EDR technology basically means clear bass and no muddied sound, even at its loudest volume. (One customer said they’re even comparable to Beats.) According to the listing, you can fit in eight hours of listening time on one full charge.

Sweat- and water-resistant • Active noise cancellation • Transparency mode for hearing environmental noises
Pricey • Not always in stock
If you’ve got the money, these are a really solid pair of wireless earbuds.

AirPods Pro

With excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation, AirPods Pro are a top pick.

We can’t talk about wireless earbuds without talking about Apple’s AirPods Pro. These babies take the cake when it comes to active noise cancellation, which is not something you can get with just any earbuds. Unlike regular AirPods, the Pros have tapered silicone tips that provide a customizable fit in your ear. Shorter stems also make the Pros a little more inconspicuous. The slim charging case provides more than 24 hours of battery life for extended listening. 
Active noise cancellation is great, but sometimes you need to hear what’s going on outside of your music. That’s where transparency mode comes in. It lets in outside sound, so you’re not walking around cut off from the world around you.

Sweat- and weather-resistant • Excellent sound quality • Includes “find my buds” app feature
Bulky charging case • Battery life could be longer
If you want the best wire-free option with loss-prevention tech, these could be worth the price tag.
Want to be completely worry-free during a workout? The Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones are here to say you no longer have to choose between sound and a fit that stays. For Bose’s latest and greatest, the creators focused on every little technical aspect, from circuits for improved sound to antenna position for maximum Bluetooth signal. Even in a crowded gym, all you’ll hear is your music: Volume-optimized EQ makes music three-dimensional and balanced at any volume. Bose claims these are sweat and weather resistant, and they come with three different pairs of StayHear+ Sport tips for extra comfort and security. If you lose them, you can find them in a second with the “Find My Buds” feature on the Bose Connect app.

Easily control surrounding sound • Comfortable fit • Wireless charging
Customer complaints about Bluetooth connectivity • Bulky charging case
These highly rated earbuds are great for users who prioritize sound and are passionate about their playlists.
You ever replay a song while listening to it because you feel like you’re not giving it the attention it rightfully deserves? Yeah, that will never happen again with the Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth buds. The Samsung Galaxy buds allow you to control the sound around you, so you won’t be distracted by any outside noise, making these great for travel and other times you just want to zone out and feel alone. 
But don’t worry, Quick Ambient Mode will alert you to important sounds such as oncoming traffic and ambulance sirens. And you won’t have to worry about these buds randomly falling out of your ear (or onto subway tracks) — Samsung Galaxy Buds come with three adjustable ear tip and wingtip sizes, so you can comfortably zone out to your favorite tunes without fear of them falling out.

Great sound quality • Excellent fit • Volume and track controls on earbuds
Bulky case • Sounds quality lacks if you do not have the proper seal (use the correct fitting tips)
These earbuds will stay in your ears no matter what kind of activity you’re doing.
Beats is known for its quality sound and high performance. Of course these earbuds are no different, bringing you the same sound that you love and your playlist deserves while also offering quality comfort. 
Designed for those on the move, the Power Beats Pro totally wireless earbuds are both sweat and water resistant. And with nine straight hours of listening time these earbuds will last long after you leave the gym. Plus, with the charging case you get up to 24 hours of listening.