June 12, 2021

The best desk chairs for your home office

Work from home in style and comfort with these desk chairs from top brands like Herman Miller, Office Hippo, and more.

Sure, some jobs are a dream and some are soul crushing. Some provide prestige while others merely a paycheck. But the great equaliser? The fact that most positions require employees to spend the majority of their day sitting down. And if you’re on your butt for hours on end, you definitely want a well crafted chair at your disposal.

That’s right, don’t underestimate the importance of a good desk chair. A solid, comfortable chair lends itself to a productive and efficient work environment. An uncomfortable chair leads to constant fidgeting and shifting, which can be highly distracting. Even worse, it may result in leg issues, back strain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. And having a day job is painful enough already. 

Before making this very important purchase, make sure you take these factors into consideration:

Lumbar Support: Let’s get real; if a chair doesn’t provide adequate lower back support, you don’t want it. After all, sitting for extended periods can put strain on your back and cause you to slouch. We recommend looking for a chair that has adjustable lumbar support (for both height and depth). That way you can guarantee you’re not putting any undue stress on your body.

Adjustability: If you want to maximise your comfort, it’s imperative to find a chair that’s adjustable. Most basic options allow you to alter both the arms and height. And some fancier chairs have up to 14 different adjustments including back angle, seat width and tension control. Regardless of the number, make sure the controls are simple to use.

Fabric: Obviously, you should choose a chair with a fabric that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. But you also want one made from/with a breathable material. Some fabrics tend to get hot after you’ve been sitting on them for a while. General comfort is certainly important as well; you don’t want a fabric that’s itchy or scratchy (unless that’s your jam). And be sure that it provides enough cushioning so that you can’t feel the base of the chair (again, unless that’s your jam).

Armrests: You might view armrests as pedestrian and banal. They may clash with your ultra-modern aesthetic. Nevertheless, armrests help eliminate strain in your neck and shoulders. As their very name implies, they let your arms rest comfortably. Bonus points — they also help prevent slouching. 

Seat Depth/Width: The depth and width of your seat is critical to comfort level. If you’re tall, you’ll want a chair that’s deeper. A shallower seat is better if you’re on the short side. Ultimately, if you’re sitting all the way back, you should have roughly 2-4 inches between the seat and the back of your knees. At least in an ideal world.

Swivel Base: For many people, a strong swivel base is a must-have for any chair. This allows you to easily access any part of your desk, cutting down on the possibility of arm fatigue. Plus, as we all know, spinning around incessantly is great for brainstorming.

Wheels: If there’s one thing we always say, it’s that not all wheels are made equal. You must account for the type of flooring in your home office. For a hard surface, it’s best to choose a chair with soft rubber wheels. If your place is carpeted, you’ll want hard wheels. This will make it easier to move around your desk and office overall. 

Now that you know what to consider, we’ve lined up some of your best options. These are the best desk chairs for working from home.

Excellent ergonomics
Some people find it difficult to assemble
For comfort that conforms (to you), the Herman Miller Aeron chair is an excellent choice.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

So well-designed you’ll feel like you’re floating.

  • Dimensions:
    119 x 68 x 69 centimetres
  • Weight:
    21.50 kilograms
No matter your size or body type, you’re bound to love the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. That’s because it naturally conforms to the shape of whoever is sitting down. In turn, this allows for a more even distribution of weight and helps alleviate traditional pressure points. The Aeron is also designed with the patented PostureFit which provides support for the spine and encourages the pelvis to rest at its natural forward tilt. 
Speaking of tilt, the chair’s fluid tilt mechanism works in conjunction with the pivot points in your ankles, knees, and hips whenever you decide to recline; there’s no fear of straining your body while sitting in the Aeron. And, of course, the mesh back and seat mean you won’t overheat.  

Great for larger users • Super comfortable • Posture and active sitting technology • Inflatable lumbar pump support
An expensive choice
A high-end choice that makes up for its price with comfort and clever technology.

RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair

A high-end choice that makes up for its price with comfort and clever technology.

  • Dimensions:
    40 x 44 x 41 centimetres
  • Weight:
    150 kilograms
The RH Logic 400 is an absolutely perfect choice for anyone looking for preventative back care solutions, as well as around the clock applications.
This chair focuses on upright posture and active sitting, and helps to improve your breathing, circulation, and muscle activity at the same time. The tilt action also ensures that the support your lower back receives remains constant, whatever position you’re in.
The RH Logic 400 has a high backrest and comes with a lumbar pump, seat slide, castors for carpeted floors, a base in graphite aluminium, and much more. It’s a high-end chair that comes at a high-end price. 

12-year parts guarantee • Awarded a host of design awards
Quite expensive, but not the most expensive in this list • Not as supportive as other options
The perfect chair for anyone that is all about sleek and stylish design.

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

A chair that has been given awards for its comfort and thoughtful design.

  • Dimensions:
    96 x 63 x 66 centimetres
  • Weight:
    18 kilograms
The SAYL office chair has been awarded a host of design awards due to its combination of comfortable and thoughtful design. 
The design is inspired by the principles of suspension bridges, with a frameless back that encourages a full range of movement while keeping you cool. This frameless back has no hard edges and flexes freely to give you full ergonomic support and freedom of movement, which is important for everyone, especially as you could be spending a lot of your day on this chair.
Thanks to the 3D intelligent suspension technology, there is greater tension in certain transition areas of the chair, that should mirror where you require more suuport. Hinge points allow these areas to flex and support the forward rotation of the pelvis, which is a good thing, apparently.
SAYL is also made using fewer materials in creative ways, to maintain a reduced carbon footprint. So a nice boost for the environment.

High backrest for total spinal column support
Can feel a little cramped if you’re above-average size
Unbeatable combo of comfort and durability.

DXRacer Formula Series

Unbeatable combo of comfort and durability.

  • Dimensions:
    10 x 10 x 10 centimetres
  • Weight:
    26 kilograms
Professional and amateur gamers alike know that a quality chair is key to success. After all, if you’re going to be logging a lot of playing hours you need total support and comfort. And the DXRacer offers both in spades.
For starters, the chair has a uniquely high backrest to support your entire spinal column — from neck to pelvis. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s an adjustable lumbar and neck pillow as well as 3D adjustable arms — all for added comfort. And thanks to a 360-degree swivel base and smooth double caster wheels, you can easily glide around your office, gaming room, etc. 
There’s no worry you’ll overheat even if you’re involved in a particularly intense round of Fortnite. The seat is designed with good wicking pleather that’s easy to clean and will keep you surprisingly cool.  

Well cushioned • Foldable arms • Breathable mesh back
Slightly dated look
This Office Hippo chair has a number of features to enhance the user’s experience, namely complete control over your seated position.

Office Hippo Mesh Back Chair

A contemporary chair with foldable arms for easy storage under your desk.

  • Dimensions:
    62 x 62 x 100 centimetres
  • Weight:
    12 kilograms
This Office Hippo chair has a number of features to enhance the user’s experience. 
The arms are foldable, meaning it can easily be stored under a desk. The Permanent Contact Back (PCB) mechanism allows the user to move the seat up and down, raise and lower the back, and fix or free float (in permanent contact with your back) the backrest angle. The torsion control knob can even be adjusted to match your body weight. The result is that you have total control over your own comfort.
The breathable mesh back provides comfort and support as well as style, although it might look a little more dated compared to some of the others on this list. Does that really matter with a chair?

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