June 12, 2021

The best Nintendo Switch cases for absolutely everyone

The Washington-based PowerA is one of biggest accessory manufacturers in gaming, with products available for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, through every possible retailer. And when it comes to the Switch, they haven’t skimped on quality.
The Everywhere Messenger Bag is one of the bigger means of transporting your Switch, games, and any additional accessories you have for it. And for £29.99, bigger definitely means better. The shoulder slung bag allows you to pack everything up, from controllers to the charging/video dock, and transport it in one case. There’s also the added bonus of a small, hard shell zippered case for the Switch itself, which turns this bag into a great two-for-one deal. 
Subtle detailing on the black back (like a gold interior and lightly embossed emblems) lets you show your love for Zelda: Breath of the Wild in an understated way. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to show off their love of Zelda in every way possible. 

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