June 12, 2021

6 of the best pet cameras for keeping tabs on your cat or dog

One of the few pet cameras available on the market designed especially with dogs in mind, the Furbo comes with a variety of features that make it a top choice among consumers. 
One of the features pet parents appreciate the most is the real-time barking notification. When your precious pooch lets out a vocalisation, you’ll receive an alert directly on your smartphone. This is ideal especially for those with anxious or frightened dogs, as their owner can know in real-time if there is something bothering their pup, and check in via the live video feed to find out exactly what’s up. Alert sensitivity can be adjusted so you aren’t being notified of every little whimper, but rather just louder barks that might disturb your neighbours. An integrated noise filter system helps prevent false alarms. 
Another great feature is the ability to dispense a treat for your pooch from the camera. The camera makes a clicking noise before the treat pops out, so your pup can continue on with their training — and enjoy some positive reinforcement — even if you’re not at home. Two-way audio lets you speak to and listen in on your pooch for even more interactive fun.
Finally, the usage indicator light on the unit offers another way for pet parents to interact with their canines. While in use, the light is blue, and turns yellow when the device goes into sleep mode. Dogs can see both of those colours, which could help your pup to anticipate interactions with you.  

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