June 12, 2021

6 of the best GPS dog collars and trackers to keep tabs on your pet

If you don’t want to deal with pain-in-the-you-know-what subscription fees, the Findster Duo+ might be the the GPS pet tracker of your dreams. The system is comprised of two modules: the Pet module, which attaches to your dog’s collar and acquires a position by communicating with GPS satellites, and the Guardian module, which you can attach to a keychain or keep in your pocket. You can check your dog’s location in real time without the need for a SIM card or mobile coverage, so say goodbye to monthly fees. 
The two modules communicate wirelessly using Findster’s MAZE technology in a radius of up to three miles. The Guardian module serves as a gateway between the Pet module and your smartphone. It resends the GPS data acquired by the Pet module to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Another plus? Because the Findster Duo+ doesn’t rely on mobile coverage, you can use it anywhere in the world — so get your pooch’s passport ready.
And because your pet’s safety is a priority, Findster lets you create and define three different kinds of GPS Fences: a Virtual Leash, which automatically moves with you; a Safe Zone, which covers areas where your pet should remain; and a Danger Zone, which are areas your pet should not enter. You will receive alerts if your furry escape artist goes beyond the fence radius defined for the virtual leash and the area defined for the safe zone, or if they enter the danger zone.
Complete your pet’s profile on the Findster app, and you can also track your pet’s activity and movements, and receive reports on time spent walking or resting, paws or distance walked, or set weekly and daily goals. 

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