March 31, 2023

8 of the best headphones for under £50

These headphones might be seriously cheap, but that doesn’t mean quality is sacrificed.

A good set of headphones is a necessity nowadays, especially when the world is so noisy. 

There is nothing better than throwing on some comfortable headphones and melting into your favourite tunes. Not only is this a tried and tested way of relaxing, but it’s also pretty effective at blocking out everything going on around you, which is useful.

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The prospect of entering into your own little sound bubble is pretty appealing, and the good news is that there are plenty of devices out there that can help you step in. You can pick and choose from a wide selection of devices from a lengthy list of brands, and whilst you’ve probably heard of the likes of Bose, Sony, and Apple, there are actually lots of lesser known brands to consider as well.

Sticking to the top brands definitely has its advantages. You’re taking less of a risk by investing in one of the bigger names, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the way to go. You can often find much better value by looking at some of the smaller brands, and you don’t need to sacrifice comfort, style, or sound quality.

We would always recommend spending some time researching everything that is out there, but we appreciate that not everyone has the time or the energy to do this. That’s why we have done all the hard work for you and tracked down the best headphones for under £50. This list includes some names you probably don’t know, some cheap models from the biggest brands, and everything in between.

These are the best headphones for under £50 in 2021.

Decent bass • Rugged design • Lightweight • Comfortable
Cable could be tougher
These comfortable and durable headphones prove that great sound doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Sennheiser HD 206

Rugged headphones that can handle just about anything.

  • Weight:
    213 grams
  • Colours:
You may have been led to believe that you need to stump up a lot of cash to get headphones that deliver on every front, but it’s really not the case.
The Sennheiser HD 206 headphones prove that great sound doesn’t have to cost a fortune. They are comfortable, lightweight, and extremely durable, and provide dynamic audio with a crisp bass and good external noise attenuation. Basically, they tick every box.
Some reviewers have commented on the cable being a little flimsy, but generally the comments are very positive. It’s not surprising when you consider the price point and the lengthy list of impressive features.

Noise-cancellation • Wireless • Battery life • Foldable design
Expensive (for this category)
The most expensive set on this list, but that’s down to wireless and noise-cancellation technology.

Mpow H20

Headphones adopt feedforward and feedback dual-mic ANC technology to significantly reduce background noise.

  • Weight:
    258 grams
  • Colours:
Seriously cheap headphones will naturally not include all the features you see with expensive models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find examples of leading technology.
The Mpow H12 headphones utilise active noise-cancellation technology, with a feedforward mic and a feedback mic on the outside and inside of the earcup. This captures noise accurately to reduce external sounds in higher precision, so you can hear your favourite tunes in silence and without the interference of background noises.
These wireless headphones also come with a lengthy battery life, foldable design, and intuitive control buttons. There is not a lot to complain about when it comes to this model, and that is probably why they are the most expensive on this list.

Comfortable • Balanced sound • Long cord • Self-adjustable and flexible headband
Foldable link reported to break
Great value headphones that deliver on comfort and sound.

OneOdio Pro-10

Self-adjustable and flexible headband delivers a fatigue-free listening experience.

  • Weight:
    249 grams
  • Colours:
The OneOdio Pro-10 headphones might just be the best value headphones on this list, for a number of reasons.
Firstly, the reviews are out of this world. At the time of writing, these headphones have an average rating of 4.4 stars from over 1,000 reviews. That is particularly strong, and proof that these headphones deliver where it counts.
The list of impressive features is long, but the most important things to point out are the balanced sound, supreme comfort, long cable, flexible headband, and padded ear cushions. To get all of that for this price is pretty outstanding.
There are a few negative comments about the lack of noise-cancellation and the slightly flimsy foldable link, but all in all these headphones represent great value for money.

Cheap (even for this category) • Lightweight • Available in a range of colours • Padded earcups
Dated look
Great sound and comfort at an incredibly low price.

Sony MDR-ZX310

Take your pick from a stylish selection of metallic colours.

  • Weight:
    127 grams
  • Colours:
    Black, Blue, Red, and White
We don’t know why, but a lot of the cheapest headphones only come in one colour, which is a bit lame.
This isn’t the case with the Sony MDR-ZX310 headphones though, as you have the choice of four metallic options: Black, Blue, Red, and White. This is just a small thing, but actually makes a big difference. It’s always nice to have options.
There is much more to like about these headphones besides the colour options, like the rich sound, lightweight frame, and portable design. They might not look the most modern or stylish, but with these features and this price, you really can’t complain.

Sound quality • Collapsible design • Ergonomic fit • One button remote
On the pricier side for this list
An impressive set of headphones that provide great sound quality in a portable design.

Marshall Major III

Great headphones for travelling or commuting thanks to the collapsible design, ergonomic fit, and detachable cable.

  • Weight:
    177 grams
  • Colours:
What good are a set of headphones if you can’t take them with you wherever you go? The answer is no good.
You don’t have any portability worries when it comes to the Marshall Major III headphones, and that’s down to the collapsible design, ergonomic fit, and detachable cable. They are built for travelling and commuting.
These stylish headphones also deliver quality sound, which is obviously important. Marshall Major III headphones have custom tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers for enhanced bass response, smooth mids, and crystal clear highs. You’ll have to work hard to find better sound from any headphones in this price range.

Deep bass • Wireless • Colour options • One-button volume control and built-in microphone
Could be more comfortable
JBL is known for high quality sound, and this extends to its cheapest devices.


JBL delivers deep and powerful bass with the highest quality and most precise sound available at this price point.

  • Weight:
    154 grams
  • Colours:
    Black, Blue, White, and Pink
Cheap headphones are so often let down by bass, but JBL has managed to avoid this issue with the JBL T500BT headphones.
These streamlined and lightweight headphones offer compact comfort and long-lasting enjoyment, with crystal clear and deep bass. The advanced 32 mm driver generates monstrous levels of sound, with every note delivered loudly and clearly. That’s what should happen, anyway.
They are constructed with durable materials, and you get to choose between four colours. The one-button remote control allows for easy control of your music and phone calls, and the wireless design does not seem to negatively impact the sound.
The one negative comment that does seem to crop up fairly frequently is that these headphones might be on the tight side. It’s not a big issue, but comfort is key for marathon headphone sessions.

Foldable design • LED lights • Stylish • Wireless
Battery life could be improved
Unique headphones offer something different, with LED lights that change with the rhythm of your music.

Riwbox WT-8S

LED lights change along with the rhythm of the music.

  • Weight:
    340 grams
  • Colours:
    Black and White
It can be difficult to differentiate between headphones at this price point, because most models offer much of the same in a different package.
This can’t be said of the Riwbox WT-8S headphones though, because this model has LED lights that change along with the rhythm of your music on both sides. This might seem like a gimmick, but it’s actually a really nice touch. 
Besides the funky lightning, you also get high quality sound, a built-in mic, hands-free calling, and a whole lot more. The battery could be a little better, but at this price it’s difficult to really find fault in a set of headphones that are fun and effective.

Multiple consoles • 12-month warranty • Comfortable • LED lights
Needs a USB adapter for Xbox One
Great value headphones are the perfect choice for gamers working with a tight budget.

Xiberia V20D

Gaming headphones work on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a whole lot more.

  • Weight:
    467 grams
  • Colour:
The Xiberia V20D gaming headphones work with just about every console out there, and they offer a wide range of impressive features and specifications that should keep gamers satisifed.
You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on immersive headphones when this model provides everything you need and more. They are comfortable for long gaming sessions, the surround sound is decent, and the materials used are durable. 
If we had one complaint it would be that you need to purchase a USB adapter to use them with your Xbox One. This is slightly annoying, but not the end of the world. The fact is these headphones cover pretty much everything else when it comes to gaming, so one downside is understandable.
Gaming headsets don’t come much cheaper than this, so if you’re looking to dip your toe into this market, the Xiberia V20D gaming headphones are a good place to start.