May 29, 2023

8 of the best beard trimmers for everyone

Whether you’re rocking a full beard or some super chic stubble, you’re going to need to maintain it with a quality trimmer.

Whether you want your face constantly nestled in a cozy, luscious beard, or want every single follicle eradicated from your beautiful mug, the fact still stands: You need to take care of your facial hair. Do whatever it takes to not look like a scraggly mess — because if your face isn’t looking its best, you’re not going to feel your best. 

To do that, you’re going to need a good beard trimmer — and thankfully, most of the best ones are actually really affordable. What makes a good beard trimmer, though? How do you find the best one for you? Well, we’ll tell you. 

When it comes to beard trimmers, the main features you’re going to want to keep an eye out for are portability, ergonomics, battery life, maintenance, and if there are any extra attachments that would be useful for your specific type of facial hairstyle. Have a long, wizard-like beard? You’ll want a trimmer with multiple comb lengths so you can shape it to your liking. More into the fashion-forward stubble look? Then you should pick up something that’s designed to make sharp, defined lines along the cheek and neck lines. 

Facial hair is something that’s very personal, so picking out a beard trimmer is naturally going to be a very personal choice — and while all the trimmers we found are great in our eyes, you’ll ultimately need to choose the one that speaks to you. You want to get the one that makes the most sense for your facial hair goals and preferences, and most importantly, one that will make you look and feel like your best self. 

We took all of these factors into account and searched across the internet for the best beard trimmers on the market. After reading countless reviews, looking at a wide array of models, and scrutinising the surprising number of possible attachments (seriously, it can almost get kind of stressful), we can say with confidence that these are the top picks.

These are the best beard trimmers in 2021.

Portable • Quiet • Includes charging stand and carrying case • Ceramic blade can achieve a close shave
Not as useful for guys with long beards who want to keep it that way • Perhaps a bit too lightweight
This lightweight trimmer is ideal for taking with you on your travels.

Brio Beardscape

If you need a lightweight trimmer that can achieve an ultra-close shave, you can’t go wrong with the Brio Beardscape.

  • Battery life:
    240 minutes
  • Attachments:
    Eight size guards
The Brio Beardscape brings both style and substance to the table, and that’s not an easy thing to find. 
The clipper has a nicely contoured grip that gives comfortable control, so you won’t be struggling as you take your time with detailing out fine lines and edges. Brio also opts for a ceramic blade as opposed to the more widely used stainless steel — it’s a harder material that’ll get you a closer shave, which is great for guys who like to keep a little bit of stubble instead of going completely baby-faced (but it’s easier to break, so try not to drop it). 
The trimmer’s 240-minute battery life is a welcome luxury, and the bundle even comes with a charging stand that can hold it in an upright position on your sink.

Gets an almost clean shave with no fear of cuts or irritation • Comes with three different stubble combs • Stylish • Easy transition from disposable blades to a trimmer
Blades need to be replaced every few months • Disposable razor design makes it a little harder to define sharp lines
This hybrid trimmer looks like a normal razor but eliminates the fear of cuts and irritation.

Philips OneBlade

Even though it mimics the look of a traditional razor, this trimmer is anything but — and won’t cut you during usage.

  • Battery life:
    45 minutes
  • Attachments:
    Three assorted stubble combs
If you’ve been sticking to disposable razors solely because you’re used to them, the Philips OneBlade is a great opportunity to transition into a trimmer. 
This hybrid facial-hair-styler looks like your run-of-the-mill razor, but that’s where the similarities stop. Once you turn the OneBlade on, the movement of the internal trimmer can get you an almost clean shave — but without the worry of cutting yourself by accident or causing annoying, red irritation spots. When the device is powered off, the included blade isn’t even sharp to the touch.
Unfortunately, the design of the head can make it a bit more difficult to create consistent lines — but then again, this trimmer was obviously built for a closer cut, not for creating shapes. The battery life caps at about 45 minutes, which is pretty good for a relatively cheap piece of hardware, but one thing that may be an annoyance is the fact that the OneBlade head needs to be replaced every few months. When the point of switching to an electric shaver or trimmer is to cut out the cost of having to re-up your razor supply, this might be a deal-breaker for some. But, that doesn’t negate the OneBlade’s results, which are good.  

Vacuum feature • Comb length dial • Can be used while plugged in
Usually requires more than one pass
Once you pick up a Philips vacuum trimmer, most others will pale in comparison.

Philips Series 7000

The Philips Norelco’s vacuum and comb length dial features help it edge out the competition — and it won’t break the bank.

  • Battery life:
    60 minutes
  • Attachments:
    One precision trimmer
Most people that use beard trimmers swear by Philips, and for what you get, this model is a steal. 
You might have read the word “vacuum” and immediately become confused — which is understandable. This device actually does have a vacuum in it, so as you comb through your luscious face locks, the Philips Series 7000 sucks up all the little bits that would normally end up on and around your bathroom sink (and floor, too). 
Another amazing feature is the trimmer’s radial dial that can change comb lengths on-the-fly (up to 20 different settings), giving it a versatility factor that is hard to find among other products of its kind. The trimmer can last up to 60 minutes of cordless use, but can also be used while plugged in if needed. 
It gets a pretty accurate trim on the first pass, but going over it again isn’t too much of a hassle, considering all of the positives.  

Decent battery life • Vacuum technology • Titanium coated blades • Easy to clean
Not great for close trimming — better for full beards
Trim, style, and finish your facial hair with less mess thanks to the vacuum technology.

Remington MB6850

Integrated vacuum system can maintain your look without leaving a mess.

  • Battery life:
    60 minutes
  • Attachments:
    One adjustable comb
This one is for the bearded individuals who like to keep things clean and tidy. The Remington MB6850 has an integrated vacuum system so you can maintain your look without worrying about the mess in the sink or the bathroom.  
Another standout feature is the Remington’s charging capabilites. It is fully juiced in just two-hours thanks to its lithium battery, and the trimmer will run cordless for 60 minutes, meaning it’s ideal for busy men on-the-go. You also get a handy travel pouch to keep it safe, whether you’re jet-setting across the world or getting ready at the gym. 
Overall, it’s a powerful trimmer that brings a healthy amount of versatility to the table (or should we say bathroom counter).  

All the essential attachments you need • Comes with a traditional wet razor • 60-minute charge • Easy cleaning
Feels a bit cheap • Motor is weaker than it should be
This bundle gets you more than just a trimmer — you’ll also receive attachments that’ll round out your upkeep regimen.

Braun MGK3060

This Braun bundle has all the attachments and combs you’ll need to keep your face fresh and in shape.

  • Battery life:
    60 minutes
  • Attachments:
    Four combs, detail trimmer, ear and nose trimmer
The Braun MGK3060 trimmer is the epitome of “bang for your buck” in that it does far more than just give you a quick trim — it comes grouped together with a bevy of helpful attachments that’ll help you keep your face fresh and in shape.
Not only does the package come with four detachable combs that span 13 length settings, but you’ll also get a detail trimmer, as well as an ear and nose hair trimmer. You’ll even get a traditional Gillette razor for when you want a fully clean shave, because why not?
Its lightweight design is perfect for bringing around with you, and will feel right at home in your gym bag or dopp kit. The 60-minute battery is also a big help when you’re taking it on-the-go — who wants to have to carry a charger around with them too? Upkeep is a cinch — the trimmer is waterproof, so you can just run it under the faucet to quickly remove any excess clippings.
When it comes to the negatives, the main issue would be that the trimmer feels cheap — but, it is cheap, so manage those expectations. Also, the motor could be a bit stronger (it tends to slow down towards the end of a charge). 

Minimalistic and affordable • Gillette Fusion5 blade attachment • Assorted length combs • Ultra-portable • Waterproof
Not the most durable • Not all that powerful
Basic, but not in a bad way — the Gillette beard styler has all the essentials you need in an affordable package.

Gillette Styler

Perfect for the self-aware facial-hair-wearer that prefers minimalism over the more fancy grooming products.

  • Battery life:
    Battery-powered — lasts up to one month
  • Attachment:
    Three length combs and one Gillette Fusion5 blade
There is zero shame in keeping it basic. If you don’t need a fancy facial hair device, don’t get one. Why spend loads of money when maybe you only need a trim every few days?
For the beard minimalists of the world, the Gillette Styler is a totally satisfactory, low-investment pick. This all-in-one detailing device can trim up to four different lengths (three combs, and a no-guard setting), and even has the ability to attach a Gillette Fusion5 blade (which has a detailing blade on the back for your neck and cheek lines) for a completely clean shave. Also, it’s waterproof — run it under some water, and you’re ready for the next shave session (or even use it in the shower). 
Yep, it’s as simple as that.  

Perfect for nailing the finer details • Attachments for nose hair and lining up edges • Pocket-size
Don’t expect it to last forever • Easy to lose if you’re not careful
This mini detailer will partner your actual beard trimmer well — use it to finish up sharper lines or get rid of unwanted nose, ear, and eyebrow hair.

Wahl Micro Groomsman

This mini detailer is meant for cleaning up the spots that your larger device might have missed.

  • Battery life:
    Battery-powered — lasts up to one month
  • Attachments:
    One nose and ear trimmer and one precision trimmer
Okay, we’re going to cheat a little bit — consider it a bonus item. This isn’t a full-on beard trimmer, but it’s the perfect accompaniment to a beard trimmer. 
The Wahl Micro Groomsman is a mini detailer that can be used for anything from trimming pesky nose hairs, to shaping up your eyebrows, to getting rid of unsightly ear hairs. For those who aren’t as confident with their line work, the Micro Groomsman is great for an after-trim pass on the neckline, cheeks, jaw, and mustache. For the days that you don’t need a full beard routine, this Wahl device comes in handy for a quick tune-up. 
The two included attachments provide endless possibilities for keeping you looking like you have it together (even when you might not).  

Advanced blades with wider tips • 20 different cutting lengths • High speed linear motor • Waterproof
Not the cheapest option
A powerful trimmer with advanced blades that can handle any sort of body hair.
We know this is a list of beard trimmers, but nowadays it’s nice to have the option of shaving more than just your face. 
This is where the Panasonic ER-SB40 beard trimmer excels, with a premium high-speed linear motor and wide tip blades that offer comfort and performance, wherever you’re shaving. 
Another big benefit of this beard trimmer is the customisable control it offers. The easy-adjust attachment gives you the choice of 20 different cutting lengths, so you can totally personalise your grooming routine and style.