May 23, 2022

Get a ZZ plant for 25% off during The Sill’s Black Friday sale

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Get healthy, easy to care for houseplants from The Sill.

Get healthy, easy to care for houseplants from The Sill.

Image: The Sill

SAVE $11: Bring some green to your home with a ZZ plant from The Sill, on sale for $34 through Nov. 12.

If you didn’t start a small indoor jungle during quarantine, what have you been doing this whole time? Indoor gardening is a great way to bring a little natural decor to your home and distract yourself from all the woes of the world. Plus, who doesn’t get a little boost of serotonin from looking at a cute plant? 

There’s always time to start your plant collection (or add to it, even if people tell you that you have too many plants.) The Sill is here to help this holiday season, with their Black Friday Every Friday sale, featuring a new sale plant each week. As of Nov. 6, the ZZ plant is on sale for 25% off, bringing it down to just $34

The ZZ plant is a good option for beginner plant parents, since it doesn’t need frequent watering and can tolerate low light. The ZZ plant is native to Eastern Africa but makes an easy to care for houseplant because of its tolerance of a variety of weather, watering, and humidity conditions. It does best in medium-low indirect light, but it can also learn to adapt to bright indirect light. It only needs to be watered every two to three weeks, so if you’re out of town or just a forgetful plant parent, the ZZ plant can take it. The Sill also boasts that this plant is a good option for air purifying. 

If the plant perks weren’t enough to sell you, this ZZ plant also comes with The Sill’s gorgeous Prospect planter. The modern, minimalist design will fit in with any home decor, and the neutral pink tone will give a warm pop of color to your shelf or side table. 

Grow your home garden with this ZZ plant from The Sill, available for 25% off through Nov. 12. 

Get a ZZ plant for 25% off during The Sill's Black Friday sale

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