December 9, 2022

I tried the Lily Allen x Womanizer sex toy and um OK wow!

Six intensity settings • Fancy air technology innovation • Mindblowing suction and massage sensation • Can use it in the bath and shower
A little pricey
This clitoral suction vibrator is pretty impressive — from its chic pink and orange design, to its use of gentle air waves to give you a contact free orgasm.

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I’ve probably used Lily Allen’s sex toy upwards of 10 times in the past 24 hours. 

The Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen isn’t your average vibrator — in fact, many people would call it a “clit sucker,” which creates an altogether different sensation. To be blunt, the Liberty mimics the sensation of oral sex, thanks to an innovation called “pleasure air technology” that stimulates your clitoris without actually touching it. Using air vibrations, the device sucks and massages your clitoris to create a pretty delightful sensation. Additionally, it has six different speed settings, so you can really go at a pace and intensity that suits you.

Clit suckers are having a moment. They’ve been raved about by sex educators and influencers like Lalalaletmeexplain and Florence Given, and there’s a vast array to choose from — many of which don’t make direct contact with the clitoris itself and instead rely on sonic waves to…get you there. One common feature of these toys is a round and hollow aperture which, when placed around the clitoris, creates a kind of vacuum that’s conducive to creating the coveted suction effect. 

I tried the Lily Allen x Womanizer sex toy and um OK wow!

Image: womanizer

After roadtesting the Liberty, I have to say I’m pretty obsessed with it. You can use it in a lot of different ways, thanks to the six intensity settings, so you can really eke out those orgasms and prolong them as much as you like. If you’re in the mood for multiple orgasms, you can go back for more with the lowest setting and crank it up if desired. But the real magic happens when you position it at an angle you like, and just hold it in place. If you want a bit of movement, you can drag it up or down in small motions, but just make sure you keep a little bit of pressure so you don’t lose the suction effect.

Each orgasm feels different every time. And that statement isn’t one that can be said for all sex toys, tbh. If you happen to own a vibrator or several, you might have noticed that it can be difficult to get the balance right with stimulation and sensitivity. As you near orgasm, the stimulation starts to feel too intense. This is sometimes down to the fact you’ve already had a small orgasm, or that too much pressure is being applied. There were a few times where I felt I was getting into this territory with the Liberty, but I instantly hit the “—” button to decrease the intensity and pull myself back from the brink. Overall, the sensation is pretty fucking incredible. 

Truth be told, when it first arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product. Celebrity collaborations have a tendency, let’s be honest, to be a little underwhelming. Yeah OK fine, it has [insert beloved actor/singer/influencer]’s name on it, but that’s usually all it’s got going for it. Buuuuuuuut, this sex toy is different. Like, big time different. 

The Liberty is also waterproof, so you can use it in the bath, shower, jacuzzi, whatever. It also comes with two sizes of stimulator heads to accommodate difference in vulva shape and size. 

I tried the Lily Allen x Womanizer sex toy and um OK wow!

Image: womanizer

Lily Allen’s collab with the German sex toy brand came after she gave them a shoutout in her bestselling 2018 memoir My Thoughts Exactly. While on tour for her third album Sheezus, the British singer began exploring sex toys in earnest. “And since you ask if I had to pick one vibrator above all the others, I recommend the Womanizer,” she wrote.

Hand in hand with the release of this product, Allen has launched the #IMasturbate campaign in an effort to challenge the stigma surrounding masturbation — particularly when it comes to women. “Sex toys are still seen as a taboo subject because they are related to masturbation and female pleasure. Female pleasure in itself is a taboo subject,” said Allen in a press release. “The only way to make taboo subjects’ no longer taboo is to speak about them openly, frequently and without shame or guilt.” 

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Along with the Liberty, I was sent a wall garland and tote bag with the words “I masturbate” emblazoned across them. Frankly, I might just use the garland as holiday decor. I do worship at the altar of sex positivity above all else. 

Priced at £89 ($117), the Liberty certainly ain’t cheap. But compared to other clitoral suction vibrators on the market — some of which come in at around £170 — it isn’t astronomically dear. 

I’m not gonna lie, the Liberty blew my mind. All I can say is: I know how I’ll be spending lockdown 2.0.