December 9, 2022

Seth Meyers targets Trump’s revealing self-own about how ‘hard’ he’s working

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As outgoing president Donald Trump continues to pretend he isn’t going anywhere, he’s been pushing his false narrative of election fraud with a passionate dedication he never displayed for any part of doing the actual job of president. In case that seems like an exaggeration, let Late Night host Seth Meyers remind you that during a rally ostensibly for the Republican candidates in Georgia’s January Senate runoff, Trump literally said that he has “worked harder in the last three weeks” trying to overturn his election loss than he “ever [has] in [his] life.”

“If the hardest you work is the three weeks after you were fired, that might be why you were fired,” Meyers said pointedly in Monday night’s A Closer Look segment.

“But yeah, no, you’re working harder now. You can’t be bothered to show up to meetings or negotiate with Congress or tell people to wear masks, but you’ll call into every state legislative hearing in the country on speakerphone like a celebrity getting paid to leave voicemails for fans,” observed Meyers.

“I’m sure an exhausted nurse working a double shift on a COVID ward was psyched to hear the President bragging that he’s working double shifts scream-tweeting at Fox News and sending his maskless gargoyle lawyer to spray COVID spittle at local elected officials while riding shotgun with accomplices too loony for the Joker.”

The initial relief of President-elect Joe Biden’s win has now given way to a familiar dread: While Trump will have to leave the White House in January, he’s not going to leave the podium.

“Honestly, one of the most soul-crushing things about Trump’s rally on Saturday — aside from his lies about the election and claiming the pandemic was almost over — was just the realization that he’s never ever going to stop doing these,” said Meyers, with a hint of the 2020 late night host’s thousand-yard stare. “He’s gonna keep touring, like Billy Joel if ‘Piano Man’ was a song about how Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Twenty years from now, a 94-year-old Trump will be clinging to a podium in Tallahassee dancing to ‘YMCA’ and rambling about old celebrities no one remembers.”