September 28, 2022

Walt’s Kitchen shows off tasty recipes made from… your favorite Disney characters

MSCHF, the elusive group that recently encouraged people to “kill brands” on TikTok and paid off medical bills by turning them into paintings, is back with Walt’s Kitchen

“Cook with your favorite Disney characters,” the site encourages — flanked by two Mickey hands wielding bloody cleavers. What you don’t realize until you enter the site, however, is that MSCHF takes that sentiment literally: You’re cooking your favorite Disney characters. 

Recipe cards for "Bambi with onions and mushrooms," "Peking Donald Duck," and "Piglet Bacon Maple Donut."

Recipe cards for “Bambi with onions and mushrooms,” “Peking Donald Duck,” and “Piglet Bacon Maple Donut.”

Image: mschf

Walt’s Kitchen offers nine recipes, complete with step-by-step instructions and Tasty-style prep videos. You cook classic characters from Bambi to Jiminy Cricket to Flounder from The Little Mermaid

While MSCHF has raised millions of investment dollars for stunts (or “drops”) such as this, many take an anti-capitalist bent. This is seen in previous projects, such as the medical bill paintings or their Card v Card game, where the aim was to spend someone else’s money.

Disney is low-hanging fruit for capitalist criticism. From creating a “monopolistic blob” when they bought 20th Century Fox to laying off thousands of employees during the pandemic, the mouse’s hands aren’t exactly clean. “We wish we could do this to the entire Disney corporation, which is a monstrous anti-trust violation actively blanding culture,” said a MSCHF representative, “but we’ll have to settle for symbolically taking it out on their little critters.”

Whether Disney will take action against Walt’s Kitchen is unclear, but if nothing else we get nine solid recipes — severed Bambi head and all.