December 9, 2022

Kid-friendly resource honors Black History Month through dance music

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Mellodees, a music-based educational YouTube channel in collaboration with electronic music artist Marshmello, released a new song in honor of Black History Month, introducing kids to important Black figures through a catchy, dance-inspired sing-along. 

The tune’s accompanying video features two characters, Dee and Arbie, as they travel through a history book to meet prominent Black activists, leaders and culture makers, like Harriet Tubman, Barack Obama, poet Maya Angelou, and the late actor Chadwick Boseman. At the end, an Angelou quote flashes behind the two characters, “A free bird leaps on the back of the wind.”

Mellodees was launched as part of the Marshmello brand in 2020. The platform, featuring original music, videos, and downloadable activities for kids, incorporates the electronic dance music sound with classic kids songs, like Mary Had A Little Lamb, Pop Goes The Weasel, and Stick and Stones, the inspiration for the Black History Month track. According to the song’s press release, the series “bridges the gap between entertainment for children and enjoyment for onlooking adults, while also diving deep into engaging educational topics.” 

All of Melodees’ Marshmello-produced tracks are available on YouTube and streaming platforms