May 23, 2022

This adorable little puppy’s endless chase is hilarious and relatable

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You’re feeling it, aren’t you? The thing you want — whether it’s a COVID vaccine, or Democrats to actually embrace their role as leaders, or even just a little more comity in our everyday life — forever feels like it’s just out of reach. You chase and chase and chase, but no matter how many elections or promising headlines or whatever else unfolds, you can’t ever manage to grab the Thing.

This little Dachshund totally feels you, my friends. He tries so hard, and runs in so many circles, but the toy that’s right in front of him remains just out of reach. Yeah, it’s because the toy is tied to a string that’s affixed to his collar, and so the more he runs the more energy he expends trying to grab his prize.

 It’s painfully relatable, right down to the self-inflicted failure. But there’s a happy ending here: The pup eventually catches his prize. And so will we. Maybe we’ll even learn from this little pup that a smarter move would be to look backwards and see how what’s behind us informs the present.  But one way or another, we, too, will eventually grab the Thing.