September 28, 2022

This jump starter doesn’t require pre-charging — and it’s on sale

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It's battery-free.

It’s battery-free.

Image: Autowit

TL;DR: Jump start your car without pre-charging with the Autowit SuperCap 2 Lite Jump Starter, which is on sale for 14% off. As of March 17, get it for $109.99.

We’ve all been there: You accidentally leave your headlights on overnight and wake up to a dead battery. Or you don’t close your vehicle’s door quite right, so your car’s interior light stays on all day while you’re at work. Surprise! You don’t get to go home just yet. First, you’ll need a jump start.

Sometimes it’s no big deal. Your neighbor or coworker lends a hand and uses their own engine to get yours back in action. But what happens when there’s nobody around to help out? That’s where the Autowit SuperCap 2 Lite Jump Starter comes in handy.

This 12V supercapacitor jump starter just needs a weak charge from your car’s battery to get you moving again. There are no batteries inside the Supercap 2. Like a battery, a supercapacitor is a means of storing and releasing electricity. But instead of storing energy in the form of chemicals, supercapacitors store it in a static state, which makes them better at rapidly charging and discharging energy.

The SuperCap 2 works for 5-liter gasoline engines and 3-liter diesel engines. It can also be used for motorcycles, tractors, motorboats, and practically anything else with a 12V battery.

Snag the Autowit SuperCap 2 Lite on sale for only $109.99 (regularly $129) for a limited time.

This jump starter doesn’t require pre-charging — and it’s on sale