January 29, 2022

Thinking of trying out a pore vacuum? This one is $40 off.

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SAVE $40: The Microderm Glo pore vacuum device is $40 off at Amazon as of April 19, and claims to help brighten congested skin after consistent use. 

For some of us, lockdown has not been kind to our skin. The stress of it alone is enough to cause breakouts, and don’t even get us started on maskne. And for those who don’t suffer from skin that seems to hate us, we know you’ve at least dabbled in watching the bevy of pimple-popping videos from dermatologists on TikTok.

If you’ve watched any skincare TikTok content at all, you’ve probably come across at least one super satisfying close-up video of a pore vacuum sucking up blackheads from congested skin. If you’ve been thinking of trying one out for yourself in an effort to achieve that flawless glow, this one is $40 off at Amazon right now. 

The Microderm Glo device comes with multiple heads — two for exfoliating, and two for pore cleaning. It features multiple power levels, and claims to help you get glowy, clear skin after consistent use. Before you buy, though, it’s important to know that the dermatologist community is a bit split when it comes to the effectiveness of pore vacuums. Some say they aren’t worth picking up due to the risk of skin irritation and micro-tearing at high settings, but others say that they are generally safe for home use as long as you don’t overuse it and you’re not cranking it up to its highest power for every blackhead that pops up. (If you have a super pesky pore that won’t seem to clear out, it’s better to see a professional.)

If you want to see how well a pore vacuum can work for you, check out the Microderm Glo — it’s $40 off at Amazon

Thinking of trying out a pore vacuum? This one is $40 off.

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