June 12, 2021

Discover Spot’s true origins with 20% off a dog DNA test

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Learn more about your dog's genetic background.

Learn more about your dog’s genetic background.

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TL;DR: Learn more about your dog’s genetic makeup with the Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing Kit from DNA My Dog. Grab one for just $69.99 as of May 6, a savings of 20%. 

Dog DNA test kits work similarly to the ones made for humans. You ship out a swab of your pup’s saliva and get results breaking down his genetic makeup. For a limited time, you can figure it out for a steal with DNA My Dog’s Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing Kit.

This doggie DNA kit will tell you more about your dog’s breed — and whether or not it shares DNA with wolves or coyotes. Take a quick cheek swab, send in the sample with the pre-stamped envelope. In about two weeks, you’ll get your results via email, including a custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog’s genetic makeup and a percentage breakdown of the levels of each breed, which are about 99.97 percent accurate (according to the brand).

Aside from satisfying curiosity, the results will also show you potential genetic health concerns as well as predisposition to disease. Ultimately, this report can help you care for your pup the best way possible.

This testing kit is usually priced at $89, but you can slash over 20% off for a limited time and learn more about your pet for just $69.99.

Discover Spot's true origins with 20% off a dog DNA test

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