December 9, 2022

Oh, just a 2020 86-inch Samsung 4K TV on sale for less than $1,700

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Image: samsung

Save $502: An 86-inch Samsung 4K UHD TV (TU9000 Series) is seeing a 23% discount at Amazon as of May 18, dropping the price from over $2,000 to $1,697.99 with free delivery.

If you were on The Price Is Right and had to bid on an 86-inch TV, what number would you throw out?

Many of us would probably couldn’t even ballpark it. An 86-inch TV sounds more extra than we could bear to spend in the foreseeable future.

In January, Consumer Reports noted an interesting 2021 trend: 4K TVs would get bigger, but not more expensive. As larger LCD panels become quicker and cheaper to manufacture, the average consumer is getting a taste of theater-sized screens. Samsung’s 86-inch Crystal Series UHD 4K TV was a prime example even when it was its full price of $2,199.99 — now, it’s seeing a more than $500 discount.

Past the bomb viewing experience due to sheer size, this 2020 Samsung model has some real beauty to offer. The “Crystal” in the title refers to a zippy Crystal processor that transforms HD or FHD content to 4K wherever it can. The TU9000 also does some serious fine-tuning on the color spectrum, using PurColor to enhance millions of shades of color to be at their brightest, yet most natural to the human eye. Real Game Enhancer+ boosts visibility, syncs up sound, and toggles AMD FreeSync on for reduced tearing.

The Tizen interface features a horizontal bar across the bottom where you can shift between streaming apps without pausing what you’re currently watching. Bixby and Alexa are built-in for voice control over shows, music, and more.

Oh, just a 2020 86-inch Samsung 4K TV on sale for less than $1,700

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