May 29, 2023

The 12 best tweets of the week, including Beethoven, dry ribs, and Batman

Good tweets: You want ’em. And guess what? We got ’em. 

It’s been a long week for you, I’m sure. What kind of week is short? I’d like to see it. 

Anyway, we collected some funny tweets that will hopefully gift you with a chuckle as the weekend arrives.

So, here they are, our 12 favorite tweets of the week.

1. The Too Online surely understanding this joke

2. Just make it normal screen size, thx

3. This is how I live my life and do my job 

4. A beautiful feeling

5. Give it a rest, Ted

6. Hate it when this happens

7. But in the air, yes

8. Somehow, I agree with this statement

9. You have to understand both the NBA and the show I Think You Should Leave to get this joke but I don’t care, I’m including it because it’s just too good

10. Obligatory dril tweet

11. Look out, new Ludwig van Beethoven banger just dropped

12. And finally, some good slander of these dry as hell ribs