December 9, 2022

You’re $65 away from better posture with this device that sends slouching reminders

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

Save $35: The Strack Smart Posture Corrector is on sale for $64.99 as of June 29 — a 35% savings.

If you’ve noticed that you’re definitely slouching every time someone on wellness TikTok reminds you sit up straight, alerts from a posture device subtly sitting on your back could prove beneficial.

With the Strack Smart Posture Corrector, improving your posture doesn’t have to be on your mind at all. The small, square-shaped device chills between your shoulder blades (directly on the skin through adhesive or over clothing through magnets) and sends a gentle vibration every time it notices you hunching or slouching.

See the Strack in action:

The My Strack app keeps track of your movements throughout the day, noting how long you went without a posture correction and how many times you needed a correction. This is a cool way to monitor your posture progress — though less back or neck pain is the indicator many of us are itching for.

The Strack device normally retails for $99, but you can grab it for $64.99 for a limited time.