February 3, 2023

Take notes the futuristic way with this digital highlighter on sale

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TL;DR: Take your note-taking to the next level with the Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter, on sale for 20% off. As of Sept. 1, pick one up for only $110.

School’s back in session, which means note-taking is back on the agenda. But with everything else in your life going digital, scribbling notes longhand with a pad of paper and pencil, or trying to keep up your WPM without missing a beat just seems outdated. Instead, what if you could make the note-taking process much faster? That’s where the Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter comes into play.

The Scanmarker Air bridges the divide between old school and new school note-taking by wirelessly transferring printed text into an app or web browser 30 times faster than if you were to type it up yourself. You simply highlight words the same way you would normally with a highlighter, but in seconds the Scanmarker will read it and transport it to Microsoft Word, Excel, Gmail, Facebook, and more. It can also translate your text into over 50 different languages and read it back to you as it scans.

Whether you’re studying for a test, putting together a report, or extracting quotes for an essay, the Scanmarker Air can make your life easier. Like most of your other gadgets and gizmos, it actually helps you work smarter, not harder. With the ability to scan 3,000 characters per minute or a full line of text within a second, your study habits this semester are about to improve substantially. There’s even a dictionary feature that lets you look up words on the spot. 

Basically the same size as a regular highlighter, it’ll be easy to tote around the Scanmarker from class to class, the library, a local coffee shop, etc. It works seamlessly (and wirelessly) with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Plus, it’ll never run out of ink.

While you’re gathering school supplies for the semester, be sure to snag the Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter and bring your note-taking into the 21st century. It’s usually $139, but you can save 20% for a limited time and get it for just $110.

Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter — $110

Credit: Scanmarker