September 26, 2021

Understand your dog on a deeper level with the help of this DNA test and training bundle

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TL;DR: Get even closer to your dog with the DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification & Genetic Age Test + 7 Dog Training Courses, on sale for only $77 as of Sept. 15 — that’s a 94% discount.

If you don’t know your dog’s true breed(s), how can you understand their personality, health needs, and other quirks? Better yet, how can you truly call your dog your best friend if you haven’t learned everything about them? This DNA test and dog training bundle will help you understand your dog on a deeper level, so they won’t just be a four-legged roommate who shares your space. They’ll be your BFF.

The DNA My Dog NextGen bundle includes a breed identification and genetic age test, plus seven dog training courses. The easy and painless DNA test requires just a simple cheek swab. Send it out to the DNA My Dog lab and you’ll get a 99.97 percent accurate report with a breakdown of all the genetic breeds found in your doggo’s DNA, as well as a report on dominant breeds, personality traits, and health concerns. The test is also designed to determine the biological age of your dog, which gives you some insight into the predicted longevity of your dog from a cellular level. It’ll take about two weeks (or less) to receive your report.

Along with your DNA test kit, you’ll also get access to seven different dog training courses. So, once you learn a little more about your pup, you can put your knowledge to the test and use their quirks to train them. There are courses on barking, leash training, aggression, health and diet, and more, all taught by Sharon Bolt, a top dog behavior expert and celebrity trainer. She was featured in the BBC documentary Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets and has had a regular slot on BBC Radio since 2008, where she solves doggy dilemmas. You’ll definitely be in good hands with her as your fearless leader.

Get to know your dog on a genetic level so you can truly call them your best friend. Snag this bundle on sale for just $77 ($1,499 value) for a limited time.

DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification & Genetic Age Test + 7 Dog Training Courses — $77

Credit: Sharon Bolt

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