December 9, 2022

Anyone can learn to paint in 13 hours with the help of this $20 training

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TL;DR: Unleash your inner artiste with the Ultimate 2022 Learn to Paint Bundle, on sale for $19.99 as of Oct. 9. That’s a 98% savings.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be born a talented artist in order to paint a masterpiece. You can actually learn creative skills, and painting is no different. And with the help of the Ultimate 2022 Learn to Paint Bundle, it’s easier than ever. You can learn painting tips and tricks from expert painters completely at your own pace and on your own time.

You’ll kick things off with a lesson in confidence, which any creative artist needs to master before beginning to work. You’ll gain direction on how to paint stunning surfaces, and realize quickly that it’s much easier than you ever thought. Then, move on to learning how to develop your own style and how to express your emotions freely with your newfound medium. Through an art therapy course, you’ll learn how to make something proactive from your emotions as you work through them.

This course bundle even includes lessons on coloring and doodling, which is an effective stress-relief tool. As you move through the training, you’ll learn how to make immersive works, how to share your art with the greater public, and how to make your own designs for professional-looking image creation.

Each course is taught by a talented professional artist — like Libby Seery and Malcolm Dewey — through SkillSuccess. Seery is the founder of Renaissance Life Therapies, which combines psychology with art for effective stress management. Dewey has two decades of professional artistry under his belt and mainly paints in oil, acrylic, and watercolor mediums. Other instructors include an award-winning artist and educator, a multimedia artist, and an entrepreneur.

This six-course bundle with over 13 hours of painting lessons is valued at $1,194, since you get lifetime access to each course and can learn at your own pace. But, for a limited time, you can learn to paint at home for just $19.99.

different colored paint brushes

Credit: Skill Success