December 5, 2021

Set the vibe for the season with this RGB circle lamp on sale

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TL;DR: This RGB Eclipse Circle Wall Lamp is on sale as of Oct. 22 for $89.99 — that’s savings of 9%.

It’s officially the season of celebration. We kick things off this month with Halloween, but the fun keeps going until New Year’s Eve. That calls for a change of decor every couple of weeks. Make things easy on yourself by snagging this minimalist RGB lamp that offers maximum features to help you set the vibe for the whole season.

About 15 inches all around, the RGB Eclipse Circle Wall Lamp keeps a low profile against any wall in your home. You’ll hardly even notice it when it’s not on. But when you flip the switch, your entire room comes to life. You can cycle through over 16 million color options, from single shades to multi-colored spectacles. There are also more than 350 lighting effects, like flashing and pulsing, for when you’re feeling particularly hype. You can set a spooky scene with strobing green lights for Halloween, keep things mellow and calm for Christmas Eve with a warm red shade, or liven up the party on New Year’s Eve with a circus of light. 

This lamp isn’t just for holidays, of course. It also offers a variety of lighting options for your everyday life. Light up your workspace for productivity and focus. Add some fun colors to your gaming space. Enjoy some ambient lighting on a movie night. The options are seemingly endless, considering there are 16 million colors you can cycle between. The bulb is also dimmable, offers multiple color temperatures, and will last for up to 30,000 hours. You can even get two or more lamps and pair them all together using one remote control.

These minimalist lamps with maximum features generally cost $99 a pop, but for a limited time, you can snag one on sale for $89.99 and enjoy it for the holiday season and beyond.

Rainbow circle lamp hanging above table and chair

Credit: Lamp Depot