December 5, 2021

Working from home? This is the best exercise equipment for you.

After over a year of working from home, it’s still a challenge to get that much-needed daily activity in. You don’t have a commute to get you moving in the morning, there are no coworkers to go mingle with across the office, and honestly going to the gym from your house takes a different kind of motivation than going to the gym straight from an office.

Instead of hitting the gym after work hours, turn your house into a home gym that you can access throughout the day and get in some exercise as you work. You don’t need a gym membership when there are tons of amazing online fitness programs that are cheaper and more accessible, and there is a bunch of equipment on the market that will make working out while working from home easier and more enjoyable. It’s a win-win.

You could use a long lunch break to go for a run or do some strength training, but let’s be real, you probably won’t do that. Instead, we’ve found some equipment that lets you make the most of your time — and not be caught slacking too much while you’re supposed to be working.

Go all out and get a treadmill or bike desk that allows you to be moving constantly throughout the day, or keep it simple with some smaller equipment that’s great for getting in quick workouts between meetings and assignments. Jump ropes, free weights, and resistance bands are awesome tools to have on hand.

This Black Friday, home fitness products are going to be hot items, considering how many people are still working from home regularly. If you (or someone on your holiday gift list) is a work from home-er who would love to get a little more active, read on to find the best equipment for getting in workouts throughout the workday.