March 31, 2023

Mirror’s Black Friday promotion runs all November long — save $750

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SAVE $750: Mirror brings a complete gym into your home while taking up minimal space. Throughout the month of November, the Mirror is at its Black Friday price, saving you $500. Plus, you’ll get free delivery and installation, making the total savings a $750 value. Just use the promo code HOLIDAY21.

As we creep closer to 2022, you might start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Fitness is a super common theme in resolutions, and if you’re thinking about prioritizing your health and body, don’t sit around and wait for the arbitrary start date of Jan. 1.

Here’s a good reason to get started ASAP: Mirror’s Black Friday sale is running throughout the entire month of November. Use the code HOLIDAY21 and you’ll save $500 on the Mirror itself, plus you’ll get free delivery and installation. Altogether, you’ll save $750. Sounds like some pretty good motivation to us.

The Mirror fits into your home like a regular mirror would, so it takes up little space. You just need to have a clear patch of floor in front of it so you have enough room to work out. The Mirror is loaded with more than 50 genres of workouts, with classes ranging from five to 60 minutes at every skill level.

You can do live or on-demand classes, and you’ll have one-on-one access to personal trainers who can see you through the camera on your Mirror. You will need to purchase a Mirror membership for $39 per month.

There are a few different Mirror bundles on sale. Mirror Basic just comes with the Mirror by itself and is on sale for $995 (down from $1,495). Mirror Essentials includes the Mirror, a heart rate monitor, fitness band pack, Lululemon yoga mat, Lululemon yoga block, Lululemon foam roller, and a sticker pack, and it’s on sale for $1,195 (down from $1,695). And, the Mirror Family bundle includes two of everything from the Mirror Essentials bundle — except it just comes with one foam roller — and it’s on sale for $1,345 (down from $1,845).

Mirror with woman doing yoga onscreen, propped against a wood wall

Credit: Mirror

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