February 3, 2023

Upgrade your kitchen with a Vitamix on sale

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Vitamix — aka blender royalty — is offering blenders for up to 27% off at Amazon as of Nov. 24. Here are our top three picks:

We’ll just say it: Vitamixes are expensive. But if you’re looking for a blender that can serve multiple purposes, work really well, and last for years, there are few better choices — that’s why they’ve been included in our top picks for blenders more than once. So yes, they’re expensive, but they’re also a smart investment.

You might even find that wonderful Black Friday season is a particularly good time to make that investment, as multiple Vitamix blenders are on sale at Amazon as of Nov. 24. We’ve pulled out some of our favorite picks with the best savings, so you can find your Vitamix match with ease.

Check them out below.

white vitamix a2300

Credit: Vitamix

Why we like it

As with any Vitamix, this blender has a variable speed control with ten different settings that lets you get that just right blend, whether you’re making soup, smoothies, or salsa. However, the smart capabilities of this Ascent series Vitamix also packs an extra punch. The containers have wireless connectivity, so each container will automatically adjust their maximum blend times based on their size. Plus, the Vitamix Perfect Blend App gives you access to 17 pre-programmed blends and over 500 recipes. Basically, this is a blender packed with convenient smart features that won’t run you the same cost as the A3500.

black vitamix a3500

Credit: Vitamix

Why we like it

If you’re looking for a smart blender that’s a little more luxe, you might want to opt for the A3500. While it’s very similar to the cheaper A2300 where it counts most (variable speeds, containers with wireless connectivity, and app-compatibility), this blender does come with a few extra features that might make spending the extra cash worth it to you. For instance, timers are displayed on a sleek touchscreen interface. On that interface are five buttons of program settings for soups, smoothies, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning, so no app is necessary for getting the ideal blend with minimal effort. It also has a nice button for easy pulsing, whereas the A2300 has you rocking with a switch.

gray vitamix E310

Credit: Vitamix

Why we like it

If you don’t really need your blender to set timers for you, forego the Ascent series and check out this Explorian pick. You still get that 10-variable speed control, a pulse switch, self-cleaning, and a blender that’s built to last (this particular model comes with a five-year warranty). The container it comes with is a bit smaller, at 48 oz compared to the 64 oz of the other two blenders, but that’s still plenty of room for multiple smoothies, margs, or whatever else you may be blending up.

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