June 10, 2023

Bradley Cooper got real serious with Colbert’s piercing questions about music, smells, and pets

Bradley Cooper is the latest Late Show guest to take on Stephen Colbert’s signature Q&A gauntlet, the “Questionert”.

For the right participant, the late night host’s rapid-fire battery of innocent yet piercingly personal questions paints a fuller picture of the answerer than a million bog-standard “So how did you get your start in acting?” press tour questions could ever uncover. Cooper is one such “right participant”; squeezing his eyes shut, the Nightmare Alley star carefully listens to every question and then fires off the first answer that pops into his head.

We learn, for example, that Cooper fears Komodo dragons, loves the classical composer Mahler (even as he admits he’s currently working on a Leonard Bernstein biopic), and — correctly, in this author’s humble opinion — prefers dogs to cats. He’s also got a very specific opinion on his favorite sandwich.