February 3, 2023

This simple smartwatch is only $60

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of Feb. 8, you can get the C-MAX Chrono-Max Smartwatch for just $59.99 instead of its regular $219 (that’s 72% off).

Despite popular belief, smartwatches don’t have to cost a small fortune. If you’re looking for a sleek, user-friendly smartwatch to keep you connected and in-the-know about health metrics, the C-Max ChronoWatch claims to get the job done with a price that won’t haunt you at night.

The C-Max is a Fitbit alternative that offers many of the basic smartwatch features in a simplistic package. The 1.69-inch full-color touchscreen display is about the same size as the Fitbit Versa 3 and slightly smaller than the Apple Watch

It may not be the most advanced smartwatch on the market by any means, but its simple setup still packs a lot of punch. You’ll receive customizable alerts for calls, texts, chat messages, social notifications, and more, so you can stay connected when you’re out and about. Plus, you’ll be able to check the weather in a quick swipe, set alarms, track time via stopwatch, control your music, and even use it as a remote shutter to snap photos from your phone’s camera. 

The C-Max also offers sleep, heart rate, and other health monitoring. It shows you your step count, calories burnt, and even lets you track different sports and activities, from running and cycling to swimming and jumping rope. And it’s rated IP67 waterproof, which means it’s designed to be immersed in water, sweat, or even covered in dust and still survive.

You can customize your home watch screen on the compatible app and even swap out the watch band to match your style. But the flexible silicone band it comes with offers multiple color options to start — classic black, fancy rose gold, pastel pink, or even a vibrant teal. Grab your favorite on sale for only $59.99 for a limited time. That’s a savings of 72%.

Prices subject to change.

Black smartwatch with blue clockface

Credit: ChronoWatch