February 3, 2023

Apple goes green with ‘bold’ new colors for its iPhone 13, iPad Air models

Apple announced a new green color for its iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro and a new purple color for its iPad Air at its “Peek Performance” event on March 8, 2022.

In an earthy product video, Apple unveiled its two green finishes: a bold green iPhone 13 and a sophisticated alpine green for the iPhone 13 Pro. The shades are nearly identical, but there are some subtle differences.

The question is: Do you want to feel bold or sophisticated?

Image of the new iPhone 13 color.

All that green.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

An images of the iPhone Pro 13 and the iPhone 13 side by side.

Are you green with envy?
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Apple also announced a slate of fresh shades for its shiny new iPad Air, which include space gray, starlight, pink, purple, and a “stunning” new blue. (We’re most excited about the trendy, Gen Z-approved purple.) Now you can match your purple iPad Air to your purple iPhone 12.

Horizontal purple iPad Air.

Millennial pink is tired. Gen Z purple is wired.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Five iPad Airs in various colors.

Not for the indecisive.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

If you want to go green (or purple), you can pre-order these new models on March 18.