March 31, 2023

The best tablets according to online reviews

Tablets are handy bits of tech. Compact and sleek, you can take them anywhere or use around the home. They’re truly versatile. Get some work done on the road, watch a movie on the sofa, or read an e-book absolutely anywhere. Tablets are great if you need something more advanced than a smartphone, but more compact than a laptop.

But with so many different types of tablets and competing brands out there, it’s difficult to find the perfect tablet for you.

Do you want an Android tablet? Perhaps an iPad? Maybe an Amazon Fire tablet would be a good fit? We took the time and read through reviews and articles to find the best tablet for just about anyone.

Why should you buy a tablet?

Sure, a tablet isn’t for everyone. It might be surplus to requirements, but they’re also super handy and productive. If you do lots of video streaming and eBook reading on the go, or you simply need a portable device for work and play, a tablet is almost certainly for you. There are other benefits too. They usually pack plenty of battery power and work through apps (of which there are literally thousands upon thousands) at lightning quick speed.

What is the best operating system on a tablet?

It generally comes down to a choice of four — Apple, Android, Windows, or Fire. Each has its own benefits. Apple is generally accepted as the slickest all-rounder, with its simple-to-use interface and intuitive synching between devices. Android is more customisable and is supported across various manufacturers (such as Samsung and Lenovo). Windows is designed as a cross-platform OS, which suits pretty much any device. Often people stick to their preferred OS — it’s a lifestyle choice as much as tech preference — so we’ve included options for each OS. Fire is Amazon device specific, so you’ll get Alexa and other Amazon features.

What should you consider when shopping for a tablet?

Every model and operating system has its own spin on the user experience. Not to mention all those apps. But there a few basics that are worth bearing in mind:

Screen resolution — This will be important if you’re a big time streamer or you like playing games. Tablets are generally HD — 1280 x 720 or more — though some can dial it up.

Storage — This is important for keeping music, photos, and videos, plus offline downloads from streaming sites, such as Netflix. Around 38GB is standard for a mid-priced tablet, but they can go way over that — anything up to 1TB.

Battery life — Tablets outstrip smartphones for battery life, but you’ll still want to make sure you get plenty of juice for your money. Look for 10 hours of battery life or more.

Camera — Front and rear facing cameras are relatively standard on tablets and 12MP is pretty decent. Though even better cameras are available in top tablets.

Ports — Make sure the tablet you’re buying has the ports you need. Do you have wired headphones? Then make sure there’s a headphone port (increasingly rare). Also check for USB and micro HDMI ports.

Speakers — You might not buy a tablet expecting great sounds, but if streaming movies and shows is your thing, good sound is a must.

You’ll also want to think about price and colour options, but these are the most important features to consider before making a purchase decision.

What is the best cheap tablet?

If you’re on a budget, the Fire HD 10 is going to be your best option. It’s durable, has excellent battery life, is kid-friendly, and is significantly less expensive than many of the other tablets on this list. It also doesn’t sacrifice size for the price — it’s comparable to iPads in terms of screen size (though the iPad is superior when it comes to functionality).

What is the best tablet to buy used?

Shopping for renewed or refurbished products is a great way to save money, especially if you’re making a purchase for your kids or are prone to destroying gadgets yourself. We really love Apple’s iPad (we know, you’re not surprised), which is pretty easy to find refurbished. Other tablets on this list tend to be a bit more challenging when it comes to finding used devices.

How do you choose the right tablet for your kid?

Most tablets made specifically for kids will already be equipped with built-in parental accounts, timers, and pre-selected websites or apps that are strictly for kids. Easy enough. Things to keep in mind when shopping for a tablet for kids: Screen resolution (depending on the amount of movie watching and gaming they’ll be doing), storage (they’ll probably have more apps than you do), the intensity of parental controls (for obvious reasons), and rugged-ness (because kids are basically adorable destruction machines).

What is the best tablet?

At this point you should know a little more about tablets, and feel ready to start shopping. To make your purchase process even easier, we have lined up a selection of the best tablets according to online reviews. There is something for everyone and every budget in this list, with popular models from top brands like Apple and Samsung making the cut. You just need to consider all of these options and select the device that meets your requirements.

These are the best tablets in 2022.